We are drastically reducing the number of laying hens we are keeping and the roosters have to go with them. Included are a buff orpington rooster and hen, an americauna hen and americauna/barred rock mix rooster and 3 black jersey giant roosters.

5 brown layers (co-op)
1 white americauna mix
1 Black Austrolorpe
3 pheonix
plus the americauna hen and buff orpington hen mentioned above

.There are also three buff orpington mix chicks (one with americauna approx 1 month old and two reg breed approx. 3 months old) that will go along with as well. We are selling them all as a group so if you want the hens you have to take the roosters and chicks too.

I have developed an ulcer and we need to reduce our responsabilities. So, I don't need the stress of trying to get rid of roosters, they all have to go together in one sale.
Serious inquiries only please.